Here’s Why Men Can—and Should—Wear Bracelets

As runway styles and current trends in fashion have all proven, men can certainly wear bracelets too. Men’s bracelets can range in style from casual to elegant and turn even the most unfashionable men into stylish menswear advocates. Here are a few of our no brainer reasons why men can (and should!) get in the wrist gear game.

1. Wrist wear can dress up a casual outfit.

It can be difficult for some fellas to dress outside of their comfort zone. If a more laid-back man is attending an event or party that requires a casual yet elegant style, he can achieve that look by simply donning a few bracelets. Similar to earrings and necklaces, bracelets truly have the ability to take any outfit to the next level, so even the most casual of looks can be tied together with a few bracelets. Although there are many different types of men’s bracelets to choose from, men should seek out beaded bracelets for their versatility, ease of wear, and sturdiness.

2. Bracelets to complement other jewelry

Men who love to wear jewelry pieces, like rings, or a necklace, should consider investing in a selection bracelets to complement their current collection.  A few bracelets in matching metals can color coordinate with staple pieces like a wedding ring or heirloom necklace, or mix and match textures and colors to create a more edgy look.

3. Bracelets are a simple way to complete a look.

Outfits can sometimes feel all over the place. For some men, it can be tough to figure out exactly what is missing from their wardrobe, or how they can give their daily outfit a fresh feel. Bracelets are a simple solution for tying a look together, especially when one considers just how many styles of bracelets there are readily available to men. Men usually opt for gemstone bracelets or leather wrap bracelets for a sophisticated, timeless yet casual look—both of which match with just about any style.

4. Wearing bracelets is a form of expression.

Styling rules aside, it’s important to remember the reason men and women alike wear jewelry in the first place: self-expression! Jewelry, especially bracelets, are a wonderful form of self-expression and a charming way for men to reveal a little more about themselves. Men’s bracelets can represent a favorite color, a birth stone of a loved one or family member, or even match the mood a man is in that day. Like other pieces of jewelry, men’s bracelets are easy tools that men can wear as conversation starters or a piece of artwork they can enjoy looking at all day long.

5. Bracelets are instant eye candy.

When worn the right way, men’s bracelets are total eye candy for both men and women. Don’t be afraid to stack multiple bracelets together, whether they’re of the same style or have different textures, or ease into the arm party game with just one piece worn alongside a watch or simply styled solo.

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