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Bracelet Size Guide

Is Standard Size Right for You? Or do you need a Custom Size?

We know having the right fit for your bracelets matters, so we offer you the opportunity to order your bracelet by your exact wrist measurement.  We work off your wrist measurement NOT bracelet length or bracelet size. Follow the detailed instructions below to determine your wrist size. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about custom sizing prior to ordering.

Standard Size:  

  • Our standard size fits a WRIST MEASUREMENT that is 6″ (give or take 1/4″) comfortably.
  • Bracelet length for most of our standard sized items will be 7″ long. Name Game, Memo, Gemma, Itty Bitty and Mini Bead Bracelets are made to 6.75″ long for standard size. 
  • How to measure your wrist? Download the printable ruler HERE and follow the size guide video HERE.

Custom Size:  

  • Using the size guide links above order by your exact wrist measurement, measured snugly at the smallest part of your wrist. Do not add on additional length or your bracelets will be too large. 
  • All custom sized orders are final sale and cannot be returned.  In the event the incorrect size is ordered we offer resizing at $15/bracelet.  

What Length Will My Bracelet Be?  

Beaded and Gemstone Styles are made approximately 1″ longer than the wrist measurement. Name Game, Itty Bitty, Memo, Mini Bead and Gemma Bracelets will be made approximately 3/4″ longer than the wrist measurement due to their small bead size.

      • 4.0″ wrist measurement = 5.0″ bracelet length
      • 4.25″ wrist measurement = 5.25″ bracelet length
      • 4.5″ wrist measurement = 5.5″ bracelet length
      • 4.75″ wrist measurement = 5.75″ bracelet length
      • 5″ wrist measurement = 6″ bracelet length
      • 5.25″ wrist measurement = 6.25″ bracelet length
      • 5.5″ wrist measurement = 6.5″ bracelet length
      • 5.75″ wrist measurement = 6.75″ bracelet length
      • (Standard Size) 6″ wrist measurement = 7″ bracelet length
      • 6.25″ wrist measurement = 7.25″ bracelet length
      • 6.5″ wrist measurement = 7.5″ bracelet length
      • 6.75″ wrist measurement = 7.75″ bracelet length
      • 7″ wrist measurement = 8″ bracelet length
      • 7.25″ wrist measurement = 8.25″ bracelet length
      • 7.5″ wrist measurement = 8.5″ bracelet length
      • 7.75″ wrist measurement = 8.75″ bracelet length
      • 8″ wrist measurement = 9″ bracelet length
      • 8.25″ wrist measurement = 9.25″ bracelet length
      • 8.5″ wrist measurement = 9.5″ bracelet length
      • 8.75″ wrist measurement = 9.75″ bracelet length
      • 9.0″ wrist measurement = 10″ bracelet length

No Custom Size Option?  

  • Some products may not have a custom size option.  Custom sizing is only available on products that have the custom sizing drop down option. 

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