NEW! Personalized Charm Necklace

This necklace gives me a warm fuzzy every time I make a new one.  You know…that soft, smushy feeling that comes whenever you pet a puppy, stop and smell the roses, or eat an entire pizza (just me?).  Anywho, this necklace is a great GREAT gift for anyone you want to make smile (one of those great big, my face hurts but I can’t stop smiles).  The good vibes behind the “Luck & Love Necklace” start with the itty bitty heart up the left side of the necklace over your heart.  A little extra love never hurt anyone, amirite!?  Then comes the fun part where you select 3 charms for the personalized pendant.  Add in some extra luck with a fortune cookie, four leaf clover, or wishbone.  Believe it or not, the elephant is a sign of good luck, and who doesn’t love a mini elephant, so that’s an option as well.  Mix in a monogram initial tag (or two or all three!) with kids initials, your new wifey’s initial, etc.   A beautiful Hamsa symbol and cross are in the lineup as well.

Guess what?  Comes in silver too!  WIN WIN

You deserve a little extra Luck and Love in your life too, so go ahead and design one for yourself – I did!

Love (& Luck)