After 3 nights, 2 days, and 18 meetings with editors and stylists in New York City I took a deep breath, surveyed the damage (two blisters – survival rate high), and tried to soak in as much inspiration and positive energy as I could before boarding my flight back home to Boston. It was a whirlwind of a trip, filled with invigorating moments that left me even more motivated to continue the hustle.


Cris Pearlstein
Jewelry maven and editor extraordinaire, fan of crisp bacon, and a quick thinker who can wear any shade of lipstick and always look flawless – otherwise known as a unicorn.

Lacey Bates
Owner of LWB Public Relations, accessories addict, emoji guru, former Miss Massachusetts USA, and a varsity level sweetheart with a keen eye for fashion and impeccable personal style.

April Soderstrom
Cheese enthusiast, list maker and sticky note user, jewelry designer and all around art addict who eats more for breakfast than your average blonde.

Lacey and I met in an elevator while we were both competing for Miss Massachusetts USA and after she won we became close friends. Shortly after, she started her public relations firm (LWBPR)and I started my jewelry company and I’ve been so lucky to work with her since. It doesn’t hurt that we both enjoy a healthy serving of anything that sparkles, beach vacations, candy corn, and wine. Being that this was our second press trip to the city we’ve come a long way from trip one. This time around Lacey brought Cris Pearlstein, longtime Fashion Market Director at REDBOOK magazine who recently moved just around the corner from Lacey. Cris hustled the three of us around the city with the ease and smarts that only a long time New Yorker could possess. We booked meetings by building spending solid blocks of time riding the elevators at Hearst, Conde Nast, and Time Warner. I hope this doesn’t ruin the façade for you but – spoiler alert – everyone was incredibly nice, personable and not a bit Devil Wears Prada-esque.

Planning – We have to set up the jewelry in a matter of minutes and then pack everything up between meetings – rinse and repeat. Doing this 18 times means proper packing planning was key!

Teen Vogue – Many of the magazines hold the desk-side meetings right in their elevator lobbies. Walk in, set up your wares, and let the show begin!

O Magazine – Just a photo of me…taking a selfie with a photo of Oprah…taking a selfie.

Until next time!