Custom Name Game Bracelet – Repeat Pattern



  • Round Beads – 14k gold fill, rose gold fill,  or sterling silver
  • Evil Eye Beads – gold and silver plate
  • Metallic letter/heart/symbol beads are foiled and will wear faster than the other acrylic bead options.
  • Email [email protected] with questions prior to ordering. Previews available on orders of 10+ of the same design.

Stack Up and SAVE!
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Your Letters & Numbers HERE! *

Name, letters, initials – you decide! Use spaces to indicate placement of accent or spacer beads. Select accents below and provide placement details in the Location Notes section. Numbers only available in white beads / black letters. Type “NONE” if you don’t want any letter beads.

Letter Style *

Size *

Metal Accent Beads *

Round beads outside of the letter beads.

Evil Eye – Color & Metal *

Option to add 1 gold or silver plated enamel evil eye to your bracelet.

Evil Eye – Location *

Heart Bead *

Heart Bead – Location *

Smiley Face Bead *

Symbol Bead

White Bead / Black Symbols ONLY

Location Notes *

Add placement details for All Accent Beads here! Along with anything else we should know about your bracelet design. Write NONE if no additional details are needed.

Color 1 in Pattern (starting to the right of center beads) *

Color 2 in Pattern *

Color 3 in Pattern *

Color 4 in Pattern *

Color 5 in Pattern *

Want more colors in your Pattern?

Add up to 5 more colors to the end of your pattern. Note them like this: 6, 10, 3, 22, 22

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