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What is 14k Gold Fill?

Mind Your Metals –

The Featherweight Earring Collection was really the catalyst that put my little business on the map.  It all started from the personal desire for the perfect hoop earrings.

I did my research and found 14k GOLD FILL and it’s been a match made in heaven ever since.  In terms of quality, 14k gold fill is second only to SOLID GOLD – need I say more? Probably not, but I will because this story needs to be told.

Q&A on 14k Gold Fill –

Q – Is it real gold? 

A – Yes actually, industry standard is that 14k Gold Fill be 1/20 (or 5%) in total weight.

Q – How is Gold Fill better than gold plate? 

A – The gold weight in gold fill is highly regulated where as it’s much harder to tell how much actual gold is in gold plate.  Gold fill will stand the test of time much longer and that’s why we like to use it for items like necklace chain and our Featherweight Earrings. 

Q – Will it chip, tarnish, or turn my skin green!?

A – It will not chip as the gold layer is very thick and bonded to the core under extreme heat.  Gold fill also does not tarnish easily and the color and shine can be easily maintained with some simple care tips (see below). It is very rare that Gold Fill will react and create a color against the skin.  Everyone’s body chemistry is different but rarely does anyone have a reaction to solid gold and since the outer later of gold fill is in fact solid gold it’s very rare to produce any skin discoloration with gold fill. 

Q – Is the item filled with gold? 

A – I have no clue why the industry settled on gold fill as the name because  the “fill” is actually surrounding the outside of the jewelry.  The gold is pressure bonded to a core (usually made of high quality jewelers brass) so the entire weight of the gold is on the outside of the item.

Q – Is it good for sensitive skin? Does it contain nickel?

Yes – gold fill is great for most metal sensitives as it does not contain nickel. If you have allergies to actual gold or know you need to wear solid 18k gold then it won’t work but those tend to be more rare metal allergies. 

Care Instructions for 14k Gold Fill – 

14k gold fill can easily last for many years with a few simple techniques for wear and storage.  Here are some tips I abide by to keep my favorite pieces looking their best. 

  • The easiest and most important is to not swim/shower in your jewelry.  But hey, if you want to wear your jewelry nonstop until the wheels fall off, go for it, but it will definitely darken as the chemicals from pools, ocean, shampoo, etc, build up on it.
  • Store your items in the plastic baggie they arrive in.  Air is not your friend when it comes to tarnish over time.  Definitely a lot more important when it comes to silver, but still good to keep your items stored in plastic baggies when they’re not in use. 
  • Cleaning – Soak for a minute in a small bowl of warm water with a touch of mild dish soap. Gently scrub with a soft toothbrush and make sure to get the areas where buildup of sunscreen, lotions, oils, etc might be. Rinse it again in warm water to make sure all the soap is gone and dry it thoroughly, especially if you’re planning to store it afterwards. 

In short, we love 14k gold fill and are proud to use it in many of our products.  It’s a gorgeous metal option at an approachable price that will look fabulous for years to come. 



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