This has been high on the “To Do” list for a while and I’m jazzed to finally have a line of bracelets specifically
designed for you to design your own stack and create your own personal “Arm Party.”  I personally keep a giant
bowl of bracelets on my dressing room table to mix and match on a daily basis and I’m psyched to have the Arm
Party Collection up for sale!  The beauty of getting to pick out your own stack is that you can add in newbies
whenever you want to freshen up the look or add in a pop of color depending on the season.

Here’s the run down…pick out your custom stack of bracelets from the Arm Party category online and add them
all to your cart.  During checkout use the coupons below for great discounts based on how much wrist gear you
stocked up on – details below.  You’ll be stacking on more in no time (more is more, so don’t be shy) and don’t
forget to tag @aprilsoderstrom on Instagram showing of your own expertly styled wrist gear.

15% off Arm Party purchases of $100+ (code: ArmParty100)
25% off Arm Party Purchases of $200+ (code: ArmParty200)

Arm Party on my friends,